Nunca Vendeu Maconha

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maconha was formed in 1996 by Andy Hoggarth and J.A. Trindade in London, England and were mavericks of world music fusion in the 1990s.
In 1997 they recorded their first album “maconha” on a mac with a 1.3 gb hard drive.
The album, with a big variety of rhythms and guest vocals by Lauren George and Nancy Nova, has traces of drum and bass, samba, the whole rave thing from the ’90s and even a hint of Spanish Easter procession music. It’s danceable stuff with lush instrumentation and haunting vocals. The lyrics are mainly about obsession.

Living on opposite sides of London, Andy and Trin carried on playing gigs until the beginning of the ’00s when Andy moved to Brighton. In 2001 they recorded their second album Sambadub with more guest musicians and singers.

Sobre Trindade
Trindade is from Curitiba, BR and lives in London. In the 90s he released a collection of cassettes with songs written from 1980 onwards. In 2001 released a cd with some of the best songs from those cassettes. He is one half of the band “maconha”


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